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The team

If you understand each other, you perform better

We share a passion for traditional craftsmanship and the enthusiasm to express this in the things we make. Each of us is very good at what we do and that makes us exceptionally strong, collectively. Mutual respect and trust result in a highly effective and harmonious method of working and optimal performance. The fact that we are continually welcoming new clients tells us that we are on the right track.

'The quality of close collaboration.’
Krützmann beeldmerk
‘Signature of craftsmanship.’

Handmade frames

Knowledge coupled with skills

The quality, finishing and authentic appearance of our handmade frames are the result of a working method based on pure craftsmanship. This requires knowledge of traditional techniques and the skills to apply them. We are very reluctant to make compromises on the materials and tools we use; only the best is good enough. We view each frame as an opportunity to demonstrate the mastery passed on to us by previous generations of master craftsmen.

Krützmann beeldmerk


The hands make what the eye sees

We know a lot about wood and are able to use it in many different ways. We like to give our ideas room to grow. Sometimes just to satisfy our own curiosity, but more often in service of our clients. They might ask us to make a special piece of furniture for them, like a unique table. Or a special frame for a work of art. We almost always agree because, secretly, we find this type of work the most enjoyable and rewarding.

'Wood cannot be limited to a single form.’
Krützmann beeldmerk
'Created to be admired.’

Art for sale

The work of inspired artists

Our network of artists is extensive. Well known, less well known, budding and many other varieties. We know many of them personally. Several have even become our ‘adopted children’. For some we act as agents and sell their work. With some success, because many private individuals and companies know where to find us if they need something beautiful to hang on the wall. View our collection: in a virtual way on this page or in reality at our offices.

Krützmann beeldmerk


Standard can also be exclusive

We have assembled a collection of frames using the motto: We don’t want to be big, but special and exclusive. The collection consists of predominantly classic frames with high-quality finishes. They are sourced from the following suppliers, among others:

  • Bologni Arreda – Italy
  • Salvadori – Italy
  • Studio Rufus / Cavalli & Poli – Italy

Frame mouldings

Click on the links below for an impression of our ready-made, over-the-corner, coloured frames; a number of links to our collection of frame mouldings, displayed in Picasa; and our Bologni Arreda catalogue in pdf format.

'A collection fit for framing.’
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